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Limited standard operations at JGU (since June 7)

[last updated January 14, 2022]

JGU has been in limited standard operations since June 7, 2021. In view of highly contagious virus mutations, caution is still advised.

Limited standard operations

  • All buildings are generally open.
  • Access to the campus by car is only possible with a permit.
  • In all areas, the general protective measures must be observed
  • The ‘3G rule’ (‘vaccinated, tested or recovered’) applies on the campus and wearing a medical mask is mandatory.
  • In the context of research and teaching as well as other events at JGU, contact information is recorded.

In the current situation, the Executive University Board welcomes measures to reduce contacts.

You have to be vaccinated, recovered or tested negatively for Covid to participate in courses, use student student study spaces or the libraries. Students and teaching staff have to carry corresponding documentation with them. The 3G rule also applies to other events on campus.
The easiest way to document your 3G status are digital certificates (uploaded in the Corona-Warn-App or CovPass-App). JGU also accepts paper versions of the certificates.



  • You can provide proof of your vaccination status by showing your (digital) vaccination certificate or your vaccination record.
  • You must be fully vaccinated with a vaccine listed by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (s. Link).
  • Current options to get vaccinated in Rhineland-Palatinate can be found here.



  • To provide proof of your recovery, you have to submit a positive PCR test result.
  • The test must have been carried out at least 28 days but no more than 6 months previously.



  • Required proof is a negative PoC antigen test, carried out by trained personnel (such as test centers, pharmacies, doctors); self-tests are not accepted).
  • The test must be from that day or the day before.
  • Testing options can be found here: Covid-19 Testing Options..
  • JGU does not cover costs for tests.

Student study spaces and libraries

  • Borrowing items from the University Library’s branches is possible.
  • Student study spaces in Mainz are available (in some cases with reservation).
  • Many items are available online.

Additional study spaces for students

  • JGU provides additional study spaces for students in different lecture halls.
  • You can check the capacity of the different locations online .
  • The 3G rule applies in all locations.

In accordance with the currently applicable regulations for classroom teaching as well as the current legal situation (see 29. CoBeLVO), the following will apply for examinations in the winter semester of 2021/22

  • 3G Rule (vaccinated, recovered, or tested)
  • Contact registration through the JGU-App
  • Wearing a medical mask is mandatory

Organizational details and further information:

  • The option for take-home examinations still exists.
  • The exam supervisors will be checking your adherence to the 3G Rule when they let you in to the exam.
  • 3G Rule:
    • Vaccinated: Fully vaccinated
    • Recovered: Positive PCR test result a minimum of 28 days ago and a maximum of 6 months ago
    • Tested: Negative PoC antigen test, carried out by trained personnel, no older than 24 hours
  • When entering the examination room: Check in to the JGU-App for contact registration.
  • Online examination rooms (masks must be worn, every seat will be filled)
  • When you leave the room: Check out via the JGU-App

The following deadlines are suspended until March 31, 2022 (according to JGU’s Corona Statutes):

  • registration for repeat examinations, deadlines for repeating examinations
  • registration for the bachelor or master thesis
  • deadlines for fulfilling conditions which were imposed upon your admission to the degree program.

In light of the exceptional situation, students have the option to de-register up to 48 hours before the examination takes place. This also applies to repeat examinations. After this period, the usual withdrawal regulations outlined in the examination regulations apply, according to which withdrawal is only possible for valid reasons (JGU’s Corona Statutes, in force until March 31, 2022).

Events that are not necessary for the maintenance of research and teaching shall not take place on site until further notice.


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